CombiKids Books Appears in Leading Spanish Publication

CombiKids Book Appears in Leading Spanish Publication

Very excited that the recently launched CombiKids book – a collaboration with myself and Combilift– featured in a recent edition of Movicaga, a leading Spanish publication! Just a reminder, in case your Spanish is a little rusty (!)… this charming book, The Forklift Trucks and their Secret Superpowers is jam-packed full of adventure and bright, colourful illustrations. The story follows four forklift trucks, Allie Aislemaster, Stretch, CB and Stradus! They graduate from the Forklift Academy and start work in a huge warehouse, which is managed by Dot (who has a cool powerpack and can zip through the aisles with ease!) Unfortunately BishBashBob and NettieNu cause a little bit of trouble for our endearing forklift trucks. The BIG question is, will they realise they actually have superpowers so they can get themselves out of danger! A must read for girls and boys alike! For a sneak preview of their adventure or to purchase the book, click here:
And great news, Combilift will be donating ALL proceeds from book sales to Make-A-Wish Ireland.


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