Ireland’s Own Features the CombiKids Books!​

Ireland's Own Features the CombiKids Books!

Very excited about this…. check out this lovely piece about the wonderful CombiKids book in Ireland’s Own St Patrick’s Day Annual! Thanks so much to the team at
Ireland’s Own
for their continued and amazing support. Be sure to get your copy – of both the magazine (there are lots of activities for the children to do and it’s a great read for adults!) and of course, the page-turner that is, “The Forklift Trucks and their Secret Superpowers”. 🙂 A perfect read for children who love adventure, superpowers and great characters. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Combilift on this project! For more information or to buy the book, simply click: #IrelandsOwn #CombiKids #Combilift #GiftOfReading #GuaranteedIrish #SupportIrish
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