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Vroom-Town is a wonderful place where all types of trucks with all types of personalities live, work and have exciting adventures. All of the Vroom-Town books are jam-packed with terrific characters and lots of adventure. However they also deal with social issues like bullying and the importance of telling an adult and friends if it is happening - all subtly immersed in the story. The books also highlight the importance of friendship and kindness. Each book is about good winning over evil and demonstrates that there are consequences for actions.

The Adventure of Santa and the Magic Truck Dust is the fifth book in the Vroom-Town Series. It features a very special person.. Santa Claus!
This magical story is a fabulous journey of excitement, fun and adventure. The Vroom-Town trucks are all very excited when Santa Claus asks them to make him a new sleigh. Unfortunately, Terrible Terry and BullyDozer have other ideas! They sabotage Santa’s sleigh to make sure it won’t be ready in time to do his deliveries on Christmas Eve! Oh Dear! Will the children get their presents? Will Terrible Terry and BullyDozer get their comeuppance? You will have to read the book to find out…


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