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DonnasBookBlog, Donna Maguire  
@dmmaguire391   |   21st November 2019

I thought that this book sounded right up my daughter’s street – she is only two but she loves her

Vroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Medium

books and is already a mini bookworm like her mum!  Well I was right and she absolutely loves this book, so much so that she has picked this one for me to read now for the last six days in a row at bedtime!


Now when I tell you that she has some very popular books by some very well-known authors and this is picked over and above them that really says something to me.  She can tell me the names of the different characters and she really does love the trucks!  She giggles that Santa is on the phone and it is just a fabulous story to be able to read and share with her.


The images are lovely, so nice, bright and clear and the story is great. She has picked up the story so well and all about the knows about the naughty trucks and that is a great way to introduce her to right and wrong for me too.


I thought it was an excellent book and we are so glad we have been introduced to the Vroom-Town series – 5 stars from us – very highly recommended!! And make sure you check out the interactive website too! 


Brooks Cottage Books @BrookCottagebks     20th November 2019
Vroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Medium

What a fabulous little book this is and just perfect for getting your little ones excited about Christmas time. I read this to my goddaughter last week and unfortunately made her hyper about Christmas but hey ho that's what cool aunts are allowed to do. I'm a little excited about it myself now! At aged 4 years old she totally loved this book and we had quite a bit of discussion about the story, particularly about how Santa's friends the trucks helped him out and how some of the characters were 'a bit mean'.

This is a great story to read little ones and although initially when I first received the book I thought it was quite thick for a children's book, but its actually a very readable story and there are only little chunks of text on the pages which make it readable for little ones and has the most wonderful illustrations. I loved some of the expressions on the trucks and this really brought them to life. A super book that will make a brilliant Christmas present this year and I feel suitable for both boys and girls. The book carries important messages about bullying, being mean and nasty and the joys of friendship and kindness. All very important for young, inquisitive minds. Highly recommended.

Book Signing in Eason Monaghan  |   20th November 2019

I am really looking forward to my book signing in EasonFlemings in Monaghan this Saturday @ 12 noon! Get a book enscribed to the funsizer in your life and signed by the author (that would be me!) to make it extra special! There will be an exclusive Vroom-Town Christmas Sticker Set and Colouring Sheet given FREE with every copy of my new, magical book, "The Adventure of Santa Claus and the Magic Truck Dust" purchased! And eh, who doesn't love a sticker set or a Vroom-Town book for that matter! Hope to see some of you there! #BuyIrish #ShopLocal #GiveTheGiftOfReading #BookSigning #VroomTownBooks #AMagicalVroomTownChristmas

Poster - Eason Flemings 2019

Review from The Writing Garnet - Kaisha @kaishajayneh  |  20th Nov 2019

I was so excited to have been asked to take part in the little tour for this fabulous childrens bookVroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Medium, thanks so much to Linda from BooksOfAllKinds for asking me, and thank you to the author for sending me a copy of the book! Here is my review:
Even though my little girl, Eva, can now read independently, she asked me if I would read Vroom-Town to her, and of course I obliged! In all honesty, I think I was more excited than her because I just LOVED the look of the cover!

I hadn’t come across these books before, yet I was able to get to know the engines very quickly and easily, although there were a couple who certainly deserved to go on the naughty list this year!

It was a genius idea to turn a garage into a festive read, and the addition of Santa’s sleigh had my daughter very excited. She did notice the two engines, Terry and Bullydozer, who weren’t very nice and the fact that she was aware of it, just goes to show that the author cleverly incorporated the topic of bullying into her story in a way that children would be able to understand. Not only that, my daughter ended up talking about the ‘bad guys’ of the book even after we had finished reading it, because she knew that it wasnt nice to have done what they did. Like I say, cleverly written in the book, I’m very impressed.

Overall i loved the bright colours, the easy to understand storyline, and the festive cheer it delivered when it sprinkled its magic dust over us both. I thoroughly enjoyed it! My daughter did too, so much so she has even asked for all the other books for Christmas! This was a lovely read, one that I would definitely recommend.                                                                 


Fab Flyer in Fleet!     14th November 2019

There's a lovely surprise for readers of Fleet Transport magazine this month.... a Vroom-Town flyer - check it out! Thanks again to the wonderfully supportive team at Fleet Transport! #VroomTownBooks #VroomTownFlyersInFleet #GiveTheGiftOfReadingThisChristmas #AMagicalVroomTownChristmas

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