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Vroom-Town Takes on the Big Apple  :  Feb 2014

The residents of Vroom-Town and author Emer Conlon are incredibly excited to be going on a whirlwind trip to New York next week. The Vroom-Town series of children’s books continues to go from strength to strength in Ireland and according to Emer, “It is time to focus on getting Vroom-Town on a global stage.” There are currently two books in the series – both books are also available ‘as Gaeilge’.

Emer continues, “Volume sales are key to success in this industry and indeed retail in general. I have been trying tirelessly to get Vroom-Town ‘noticed’ in America since June last year and I am now thrilled to say that I have secured a meeting with a book distributor in New York with a view to them distributing the Vroom-Town books throughout America! To maximise my four day trip I will be doing various readings in Bookstores, an Elementary School and a number of Irish Centres and the Arts Centre. I marketed the trip to all of the aforementioned as an Irish Author in New York for St Patrick’s Day. I thought if ever there was a time to capitalise on the Irishness of Vroom-Town and get it noticed a bit more – St Patrick’s Day was the obvious time. To get an appointment with a distributor is a huge achievement in itself as ordinarily they don’t meet with authors without an agent or publisher - so it is very exciting!”

BullyDozer & Terrible Terry from Vroom-Town got in trouble with NYPD.  Emer signed a Vroom-Town Book as a condition for their release!    

Emer continued, “Fingers crossed we will have a very positive meeting and if not, we will pursue other distributors and other avenues into America – I have learned this particular business is about never giving up and sheer persistence. I get so many ‘no’s’ every day but I believe in Vroom-Town and it’s all about getting other people to believe in it too”.  Hopefully America will embrace Vroom-Town and we will be one step closer to an animated series and the elusive movie!! We have more than 4100 fans on Facebook, 1000 of whom are from America! Screech, BullyDozer, Terrible Terry and everyone else in Vroom-Town are all really excited about their second trip to New York and can’t wait to board the flight and meet all of their American friends.

Waking up to Vroom-Town on TV3’s Ireland AM

Clip - FinalThe children’s book series Vroom-Town was featured on TV3’s breakfast programme Ireland AM last week. Local author Emer Conlon read her newly launched book, “The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos”, to the senior infant’s class in Kilkerley National School, Dundalk. According to Emer, “It was really great fun and getting the children’s reactions to the book on camera was very exciting”.

Emer added, “The filming took a couple of hours but all of the children were very well behaved and a credit to their parents and school – it made the whole process very straightforward”

The TV3 crew were fantastic and I was delighted that Vroom-Town had the opportunity to appear. Coming from a marketing background, Emer knows how valuable national exposure and this type of publicity can be – particularly on the ‘run up to Christmas’.

For those who missed the piece and would like to see Emer reading her new story, simply Click here:
Just to note the books are also available ‘as Gaeilge’ and are printed in Ireland. They are available to purchase in all bookshops nationwide including Eason, as well as from our Online Shop and all other online book suppliers incl. Amazon.




The Phenomenon of Vroom-Town Children’s Books Continues….

There is exciting news from Vroom-Town – the second book in the series has arrived! Entitled The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos, the book is a real page turner for children! Written by Dundalk author Emer Conlon, Vroom-Town is a wonderful place where all types of trucks with all types of personalities live, work and have exciting adventures.

Emer explains “I’m very excited about the launch of book 2 in the Vroom-Town series….. it’s been a long road literally! And through all of the hurdles and all types of adversity and struggles to get both books to the shelves (and an ‘as Gaeilge’ version of the first book) – we have done it! I can’t wait for children to re-acquaint themselves with a few old favourites including Screech, Noz, Tim and Bill Byrne and to discover some new exciting characters including Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit!”

Emer further explains the background to the books, “I am the Marketing Manager in McElvaney Motors – the Scania Truck Dealer for North-East and Dublin as well as the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Partner. So being surrounded by trucks and machinery on a daily basis and knowing the massive interest that little boys and, surprisingly girls, have in trucks, diggers, tractors, I developed the idea of creating a wonderful place where lots of different trucks live, work, play and have exciting adventures – and Vroom-Town was born!”

Emer continues, “ Vroom-Town goes a bit deeper too in terms of education. For example, there is a definite gender reading gap between boys, and girls of the same age. Vroom-Town provides boys with a topic in which they have a real interest – therefore wanting to find out more about the characters and encouraging them to read. The book is jam-packed full of loveable characters and some baddies!

With the second book literally ‘hot off the press’, Emer explains a little about the new story, “The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos is about good winning over evil and illustrates that there are consequences for actions. As the title suggests the main character – Terrible Terry is a baddie – and of course best friends with BullyDozer from the first book (The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry) but will he get his come uppance in the end?

Emer concludes, “The Vroom-Town series of books is ideal for little boys who love trucks, diggers and tractors and little girls who love colourful books with a great story and characters they can fall in love with! Roll on Book 3!”

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Vroom-Town goes Nationwide – with RTE!

The phenomenon of Vroom-Town children’s books was featured on RTE’s Nationwide programme last week.

The continued success of the Vroom-Town series is astonishing! Not only has Dundalk author of the series, Emer Conlon secured a deal with Eason National distribution, Argosy and IES (which ensures the books can be sourced in every bookshop in Ireland) but now the Nationwide appearance can be added to the portfolio. According to Emer, “I was just thrilled to be on Nationwide – it was exciting and I was a little nervous but loved it!”

 She continues, “It will be great to have some truly national exposure for Vroom-Town. There was a full day of filming in four different locations. These included filming in McElvaney Motors, Monaghan - Scania Truck Dealer (where I am the Marketing Manager and from where I got the inspiration!) and a reading in the Friary School, Dundalk where principal, Ms Galligan very kindly allowed me to do some story reading. We then went to Carrolls bookshop and continued the interview in my Vroom-Town office. It was a hectic day but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! The Nationwide Team was fantastic and extremely supportive”.

Emer further added “Hopefully it will be a great boost to book sales and to spreading the word about Vroom-Town, particularly with Christmas coming! One of the important things to note about Vroom-Town is that the books are printed in Drogheda and other printed material is supplied by Priority Print, Dundalk – it’s all about Irish jobs too and indeed local jobs. The books are competitively priced at €9.99 and available from all local bookshops and Eason nationwide. They are also available on where we are selling Book Bundles (any two Vroom-Town books) for only €15.99 *for a limited time

For those who may have missed the program, simply click the link:





Vroom-Town Takes Part in the American Truck Show!

Vroom-Town took part in the American Truck and Auto Show in Kilbeggan last weekend! It was a great day out! All of the Vroom-Town gang were on their best behaviour including BullyDozer!

We will be doing a number of Events and Shows in the next month or so…. Including the Waterford Truck Show and the Just4Kids Expo in the RDS! More details to follow….



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