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Launch of THIRD Book in the Wonderful Vroom-Town Series! 
: Dec 2014

Signing2There is super exciting news from Vroom-Town – the much anticipated THIRD book in the series has literally just arrived. Entitled 'The Adventure of Screech the Small Truck Caught in the Cave', it is a real page turner for children!

Vroom-Town is a wonderful place where all types of trucks live, work, play and have exciting adventures! The books are written by McElvaney Motors Marketing Manager, Emer Conlon who explains, "I can’t wait for children to re-acquaint themselves with a few old favourites including Screech, Noz, Tim, BullyDozer, Terrible Terry and to discover a new exciting character, Sparkle. She will add a bit of 'girl-power' to Vroom-Town! But little boys will see their firm favourites of BullyDozer and Terrible Terry too!"

The three English and two 'as Gaeilge' versions of the Vroom-Town books are available in bookstores throughout Ireland (including Eason in Flemings), America, online stores and of course from Santa! They are ideal for children aged 3-7 years.

Emer explains, " In our new book, BullyDozer and Terrible Terry join forces to cause even more trouble - they play a dreadful trick on Screech & Sparkle - who ultimately get trapped in a cave - but what happens.... I can't give anything away, you will have to read the book!"



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Nov 2014

We will be at lots of fairs, events and storytimes on the run up to Christmas - check out our schedule!

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Vroom-Town at the Book Expo America  :  May 2014

Vroom-Town was thrilled to be invited to the Book Expo America in NYC! 

photo 2          IMG 5639  1
We had a wonderful few days meeting and greeting. We also did a book signing!
What an experience!

Launch of First Book in NYC, USA  
:  Sept 2014

photo 3
The residents of Vroom-Town and author Emer Conlon are incredibly excited about their new adventure in the USA! The wonderful Vroom-Town series of children's books, written by the Dundalk girl, will be launched next week in New York.  Having secured a distributor in America earlier this year, it is now time for the official launch of her first book, The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry! Emer explains, "I cannot believe the time has come for the official launch! September is an ideal month as it is then that book buyers decide their book portfolio and purchases for the Christmas Market - therefore Vroom-town is ideally positioned in terms of timing! Fingers crossed all will go well".

The second book in the series, The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos will have it's Stateside debut in March 2015 with more books to follow later in the year.

Emer adds, "It is quite daunting as obviously NY is massive, never mind America - and to bring Vroom-Town to an entirely new nation of children and parents, etc is an enormous and exciting challenge! In fact I would say being on the shelves is a terrific achievement but is just the start of the process - people still need to know Vroom-Town is there! Over the past couple of months I have focused on making contacts in the USA to generate interest amongst the media and bookstores for readings and also trying to create a buzz within the various Irish communities. The time difference is great for me as I can effectively do two days work in one day!" 

Emer adds,"I hope Vroom-Town will capture the imagination of the children in the USA and they will fall in love with the characters, just as children have done on this side of the pond.  I will also be visiting a couple of Irish-American communities as I am hoping that they will embrace the Irish roots of the books and in turn, embrace Vroom-Town".

BullyDozer, Tim, Screech, Noz and the others just can’t wait to board the flight and meet all of their American friends.


Vroom-Town Signed to Distributor in the USA
  :  March 2014

The residents of Vroom-Town and author Emer Conlon are incredibly
Signing excited to announce that their recent business trip to New York was exceptionally successful. Emer explains, “I had a meeting with a distributor over there and am very pleased to say that they offered me a contract to distribute the Vroom-Town books! I have since signed this and so officially the Vroom-Town books will be on shelves in bookstores throughout America! Amazing!”

Emer continues, “It is a massive step for Vroom-Town – just to put
it in context, there are 20.51million 4-8 year olds in America and if I could get a teeny tiny percentage of that market, I would be thrilled!”  

The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry will
be launched in America in September followed by the release of
The Adventure of Terry the Terrible Tractor Unit Causing Chaos in January 2015.

Although the books will be on the shelves in America - which is great- and the first step - people still need to know they are there, so I will be implementing a similar marketing plan in the US as I did here. The Irish/American community will be my first target in terms of marketing! I am hoping that they will embrace the Irish roots of the books and embrace Vroom-Town. In fact my distributor will take some of the’ as Gaeilge’ books to sell – which is terrific.”

The Vroom-Town series of children’s books continues to go from strength-to-strength in Ireland and according to Emer, “It is time to focus on getting Vroom-Town on a global stage.” There are currently two books in the series – both books are also available ‘as Gaeilge’. However, there is good news for Vroom-Town fans in Ireland, with the much anticipated third book due for release in the Autumn. Emer explains, “The third book will include a girl truck – having done copious readings to lovely children and a little interaction afterwards – I always ask if they would like to see a girl truck in Vroom-Town and both boys and girls say yes and are very enthusiastic about it – she is on her way!”   To follow Vroom-Town’s journey and their exciting times ahead, simply like our Facebook page:


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