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New Vroom-Town Book, Featuring a Scania Truck, Launched for World Book Day   |   5th March 2020

VABIS rgb - correct aerial LargeVroom-Town is celebrating World Book Day, 5th March, in style with the launch of a brand new book! This is very exciting news, as not only is there a new book with a wonderful new character, BUT the book is a Scania Official Licensed Product and the new character is an actual Scania truck! Scania is a world-leading Swedish manufacturer of trucks and buses. The company employs approx. 52,100 employees in 100 countries. Vroom-Town is a wonderful place where all types of trucks live, work, play and have exciting adventures! The books are written by Dundalk local, and award winning author, Emer Conlon.

Entitled, The Adventure of Vabis the Scania Truck and the Sleeping Volcano, the new Vroom-Town book is a real page turner for boys and girls alike! When asked how a Scania truck came to join the cast of characters in Vroom-Town, Emer explains, " My journey has a bit of a backstory to it in that the idea for the books came from my day job as Marketing Manager of a Scania Dealership - so it has come full circle almost! I approached Scania in Södertälje, Swedendirectly to see if they would have an interest in Vroom-Town. The team really liked the books and the fact that they are portraying a very positive message for trucks - as well as encouraging children to read - caught their attention. So I can officially announce that my latest Vroom-Town book is a Scania Official Licensed Product. It is an absolute privilege and very humbling that such an innovative, global company has considered a Vroom-Town book worthy of being a licensed product.  There hasn't been any product offering like this from Scania before, so it is very unique. Although Scania is not assisting financially, I am able to use the logo - which is incredible! I am beyond excited about this opportunity and particularly as it is a platform to a very global audience - the potential for this latest book is enormous. I am a little bit proud that having worked with a Scania Dealer for 19 years, now one of my books will feature a Scania truck!"

Emer continues, "The new character name, Vabis will mean something to people that are familiar with Scania. However for those that aren't, Vabis was actually the name of a Swedish company that initially produced railway carriages and then moved into automobiles and truck production. They merged with Scania in 1911 forming Scania-Vabis and this remained the company name until 1968 when the Vabis name was dropped. When thinking of a name for the Scania truck, I thought Vabis would be a nice 'nod' to the history of Scania and it is also a name that children would take at face value".

As with the other five books in the Vroom-Town series, the new book deals with social issues such as bullying and the importance of friendship and kindness, as well as taking the children on a terrific adventure! All of this means it is an excellent purchase for girls and boys aged 2-7 years.

The books are linked with an interactive website, where children can play exciting games, enjoy word puzzles, jigsaws and colouring. There is also an ‘as Gaeilge’ version of the website.

Emer concludes, "Scania trucks are known as King of the Road, hopefully now, with Vroom-Town, they will also be King of the Shelves!

The BRAND NEW book is currently available in Roe River Books (Park St, Dundalk) and in bookstores nationwide, as well as from our website, Amazon, etc! To find out more about our Book-Signings, Events and Storytimes, check-out our Facebook page

*** New Book Alert ***          19th February 2020
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I am finally able to announce that I will be launching a very special Vroom-Town book during World Book Day week! Obviously all Vroom-Town books are very special! ;) However I am so excited to let you know that this one will be a Scania Official Licensed Product! Scania is a world-leading Swedish manufacturer of trucks and buses and employs approx. 52,100 employees in 100 countries!

Last July, I approached Scania Group in Södertälje, Sweden directly with an idea, and now, 8 months later, and thanks to the fantastic team there, I am on the cusp on launching a book that is a Scania Official Licensed Product! Although not assisting financially, I am privileged to be able to use a Scania logo on my latest Vroom-Town book and also to have a wonderful Scania truck join the cast of characters!!

I can't wait to introduce you to him in a few days! (The other Vroom-Town trucks are super excited to meet him too!) In the meantime, I will be proofing, proofing, proofing... oh and proofing some more!
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Linda Green, Books of All Kinds   @BooksOfAllKinds     21st November 2019
A beautiful addition to what is already a fantastic children's series, The Adventures of Santa Claus and the Magic Truck Dust
Vroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Mediumfrom Vroom-town  is sure to make your festive season even more special with your little ones. 

The trucks are very excited to help Santa this year by making him an extra special sleigh but sadly Terrible Terry and Bullydozer have other plans. Determined to ruin everyone's fun, they sabotage the sleigh. But how will Santa deliver the presents on Christmas Eve? Will Christmas be cancelled this year?!? Or can the Vroom-town gang come up with a plan to save the day?

Beautifully illustrated and with a story that young kids can really sink their teeth into, The Adventures of Santa Claus and the Magic Truck Dust is the perfect present this season. Alongside this festive adventure, the story gently raises the topics of bullying and misbehaving while showing how teamwork and friendship can always make things better. The characters are loveable and the quality of this book (and the Vroom-Town series) is second to none. Inside the book, there is also a code that opens up a whole other set of fun activities on the Vroom-Town website (see the link further down) so that even when you have finished the story there is more fun for the kids. 

A fabulous story by a fabulous author, Vroom-Town is one series that should not be missed!!!!



Vroom-Town In Ireland's Own   |   27th November 2019
Lovely piece in Ireland's Own Christmas Annual 2019 about Vroom-Town. Thanks so much to the Ireland's Own team - it is very exciting to see my new Christmas book in the Annual! Eeekk. Get your copy today! (of both Ireland's Own and the book!!) Irelands Own Medium


ShortBookandScribes  -  @ShortBookScribe   |   21st November 2019

This is a delightful book for children and I’m so pleased to be sharing my review today. First of all, this is a Vroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Medium 2beautiful looking book. It’s has a really sturdy paperback cover and the pages inside are thick and glossy. I’m pleased to say that what’s contained between the covers matches up to the attractive look and feel of the book.


We are taken to Vroom-Town where all the trucks are asleep on the night before Christmas Eve when all of a sudden they are called upon to help out Santa Claus himself. His sleigh is broken and he needs the trucks to go to the workshop and help build him a new one. They’re happy to help, of course, but Terrible Terry and his friend Bullydozer are not in the Christmas spirit and they sabotage the new sleigh. All the helpful trucks are devastated but Santa sprinkles some magic dust over them and they help him to deliver the presents instead!


This is a lovely, heart-warming story for young children. My son is 5 and he really enjoyed it. It was nice to see that Terry and Bully got punished for their behaviour by being left out of the delivery with Santa, but they were soon forgiven and they still got gifts. I thought it was a nice message about admitting your mistakes and moving on. And of course, the helpful and kind trucks got amply rewarded too.


The illustrations are lovely and colourful and help to bring the story to life. At the end there is a sleigh to colour in, a maze and a secret code to access more games and puzzles on the website.


All in all it’s a really pleasing festive experience and I will be reading it again with my son in the run up to Christmas.



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