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However by providing boys with a topic they have a real interest in – in this case, trucks – they would be more inclined to read. Not only that but I believe that children will fall in love with the characters and will learn from and want to hear more about them.
"It's something new - there is nothing like it on the market and I feel that the Vroom-Town© brand can be a real help in terms of getting boys to have a genuine interest in reading.

The Vroom-Town© books, website, T-Shirts and Stickers have all been designed, printed and developed in Ireland. "As a business person, I wanted to keep jobs local – even though it's more costly, it is important to me to do so. Hopefully I will be able to sustain it for the next book!".

BookThis project has been three years in the planning, so it is a nervous and exciting time to now see people's reactions to the book and to actually have the it in shops – on the shelves – it's amazing!

The books all have a moral so children can be aware of 'right and wrong' and consequences of actions. To increase the interactivity and engaging the children, I have included a Fun Activity page at the back of the book. There will be lots more books in the Vroom-Town series – watch this space!

There is also an interactive Vroom-Town website - children today are very advanced and are playing with their parents iPhones and laptops almost before they can even walk! So I thought it imperative to include an online dimension. The website has lots of FREE games, puzzles and colouring sections.

There is also an option to join the website and for children to become a Vroomer – by joining for at least three months, children get a free Vroom-Town T-Shirt and 'I'm a Vroomer' Stickers PLUS they get access to extra levels of the games and exclusive access to special areas of the website that contains educational games in terms of word puzzles but it's hidden in fun so children will play without even realising this aspect of it. Games will be updated regularly to ensure value for money for parents and constant interaction for children. Also there will be surprises and competitions for Vroomers throughout the year.

They are ideal stocking fillers for Christmas too! To see a preview of the book please click here >>


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