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DonnasBookBlog, Donna Maguire  
@dmmaguire391   |   21st November 2019

I thought that this book sounded right up my daughter’s street – she is only two but she loves her

Vroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Medium

books and is already a mini bookworm like her mum!  Well I was right and she absolutely loves this book, so much so that she has picked this one for me to read now for the last six days in a row at bedtime!


Now when I tell you that she has some very popular books by some very well-known authors and this is picked over and above them that really says something to me.  She can tell me the names of the different characters and she really does love the trucks!  She giggles that Santa is on the phone and it is just a fabulous story to be able to read and share with her.


The images are lovely, so nice, bright and clear and the story is great. She has picked up the story so well and all about the knows about the naughty trucks and that is a great way to introduce her to right and wrong for me too.


I thought it was an excellent book and we are so glad we have been introduced to the Vroom-Town series – 5 stars from us – very highly recommended!! And make sure you check out the interactive website too! 



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