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Brooks Cottage Books @BrookCottagebks     20th November 2019
Vroom-Town Book Sept 2019 Medium

What a fabulous little book this is and just perfect for getting your little ones excited about Christmas time. I read this to my goddaughter last week and unfortunately made her hyper about Christmas but hey ho that's what cool aunts are allowed to do. I'm a little excited about it myself now! At aged 4 years old she totally loved this book and we had quite a bit of discussion about the story, particularly about how Santa's friends the trucks helped him out and how some of the characters were 'a bit mean'.

This is a great story to read little ones and although initially when I first received the book I thought it was quite thick for a children's book, but its actually a very readable story and there are only little chunks of text on the pages which make it readable for little ones and has the most wonderful illustrations. I loved some of the expressions on the trucks and this really brought them to life. A super book that will make a brilliant Christmas present this year and I feel suitable for both boys and girls. The book carries important messages about bullying, being mean and nasty and the joys of friendship and kindness. All very important for young, inquisitive minds. Highly recommended.


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